1. Planetside 2 - Flawed (a cinematic montage)



  2. When I thought I was at the end of my rope
    Suddenly I was bold
    And utterly transformed
    From the deepest core of my being
    The winged bird has risen,
    And looked at me without fear

  3. Menace Ruine

  4. (Fonte: azathoths, via horrorharbour)

  5. This Decaying Sense, when wee would express the thing it self, (I mean Fancy it selfe,) wee call Imagination, as I said before; But when we would express the Decay, and signifie that the Sense is fading, old, and past, it is called Memory. So that Imagination and Memory, are but one thing, which for divers considerations hath divers names.

  6. Apocalypse

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